What interesting stag activities can you find in Sofia?

Friendship bonds strong connections between people which can last a lifetime. It’s for certain that you like to spend most of your time in the company of friends. So when one of the guys is will get married soon, it’s very important to show your support by celebrating his last days of freedom. If you’re wondering which destination should you choose for a stag party it’s important to know that you can travel to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Why should I choose Sofia?

On one hand, you can plan a stag party in Sofia because is one of the cheapest destinations from Europe. On the other hand, this capital offers its visitors landmarks with historical significance. Why is that? Because for more than 2000 years of history, the city was under Greek, Roman Ottoman and even Soviet occupation.

Stuff to do for a stag weekend:

  • Offroad Safari. You and your mates will have the amazing chance to ride through the forest for 30 minutes with a professional instructor. Let the adventure begin!
  • Private Yacht Cruise. You’ll have the opportunity going on a private cruise for 2 hours while you will be delighted with a fruit tray and you’ll be drinking champagne and wine with your friends.
  • Escape Room. You’ll have one hour to extend your ability to work in team and your logic skills in order to solve the puzzle!
  • Strip Party Bus. Another funny idea is to rent a private party bus with a DJ, a personal waitress and two hot girls who will perform an impressive show.
  • Bulgarian Traditional meal. Bulgaria has an excellent traditional cuisine which is appreciated by many tourists.
  • Trampoline Park Dodgeball. Maybe you’ve heard about the movie Dodgeball: A true underdog story. Or maybe you even have seen it. However, can you work your mind on it and imagine this game played on trampolines much faster and bouncier? You’ll jump and fly with your boys trying to score points against the opposing team.
  • Laser Tag. Inside us will live always that inner child who needs to be spoiled over and over again. There is no better way to indulge him than playing a captivating game with your friends.
  • Dinner and strip show. Now you can go back to the adulthood. After a day full of entertaining activities, you and your guys are hungry. You could eat steak and chips and a enjoy a 10 minutes private show.

Don’t forget that friendships are like plants, they need some water, from time to time. Of course that you’re happy for your best friend. But it would be nice to plan a stag weekend with your pals where you can, wouldn’t it?

In order to have a strong relationship with your mates, you need to spend some time with them to create precious moments.

If you need to know more information and find out about others activities and ideas for a stag party, check out Eventhuse.co.uk.