What are some of the most engaging places for children?

Summertime is here and all kids want to have fun, to spend quality and amazing times with friends and family. And they should. As playing helps them disconnect and learn at the same time. But sometimes they lack ideas and come to you, their mom or dad for inspiration. But sometimes, it’s even harder for parents to come up with suggestions and inspiring solutions. Luckily, for parents of children of all ages, there is Family Days Out, the online portal for fun things to do with kids of all ages.

So what are some of the most engaging places for children? Theme parks and water parks. Here are some examples of each for your kids to have a blast. These are great spots for families too, so if you want to spend some quality time with your little or young ones, you can rest assured you will like it here too.

Theme Parks for fun with kids:

Ohio’s Cedar Point

With no less than 75 rides, live entertainment and amazing food. This is the go to place for children and the child in you too.

 Walt Disney World

If you are a big fan of Disney’s characters and love all the colourful background he has created than pack your bags and go to Florida. A magical place, spread on more than 100 acres for children of all ages.

Oaks Amusement Park

With a long history of entertaining kids and family, this amusement park in Oregon will not disappoint you. With a variety of rides, children of all ages can find something thrilling to do and will enjoy the time spent here.

Water Parks for fun with kids:

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

In Wisconsin has an amazing 51 slides. So if you love water and fun, take your family here and dive into good times. This is another great location for children of all ages. You will impress your little ones and you teenagers with a trip here.

Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park

How about a trip to Texas? When the weather gets too hot, you can enjoy the water splash of Schlitterbahn Water Park and its thrilling rides.

Water World

Family rides, exiting rides and even rides for your toddlers, get it all with this smashing water par in Denver, Colorado.

Here are just some of the fun and engaging attractions for your kids. No matter their age they will definitely love spending a day in one of these Theme Parks or Water Parks. But don’t just stick with this list. Visit Family Days Out and check out all the available attractions in all the state in the US. Go have some fun with your little ones. Enjoy summer and enjoy your kids’ excitement with some great rides.