The Top 10 Places Every Foreign Student in Australia Should Visit

Aside from being a great country to study university in, Australia is also home to many kinds of tourist attractions that every foreign exchange student will enjoy. When student accommodations and enrolment are all taken care of, it is nice to take the time to get to know the beautiful sites on offer. Whether they are libraries, parks, malls, or historical sites, these places should definitely be part of every students bucket list.  Here are the top 10 places to visit.


1. State Library of Victoria

For students who love reading, it is nice to leave your student apartments and study somewhere else. The State Library of Victoria is an ideal place to go. Located in Melbourne, this central library is home to millions of books with interesting stories and trivia information at every page. This library offers free journals, gallery exhibitions, and a virtual tour for an all-encompassing experience of this historical site.

2. Brighton Beach

Home to not just Victorian architectural sites, Brighton Beach is also located in Melbourne and is best known for its colourful bathing boxes all lined up and decorated with gorgeous artworks. This is the place to be for sunbathing and taking pictures by the iconic beachside.

3. Free City Circle Tram

If you are looking for a fun way to visit places around central Melbourne, the city circle tram provides access to tourist attractions and shops. With it, you can go to sites like the City Museum and the Melbourne Aquarium. Leaflets will be given to help tourists understand the locations around the city.

4. National Gallery of Victoria

For lovers of art or any students taking up an art major, the National Gallery of Victoria is Australia’s oldest and most visited art gallery located in Melbourne. It is home to creative art exhibits from local and international artists exploring history, fashion, design and more.

5. Kangaroo Point

Are you looking for a place that offers outdoor activities, food hubs and an amazing view? Kangaroo Point located in Brisbane is a place that students can enjoy. For lovers of adventure, take a hike to Kangaroo Point Cliffs and reward yourself with the amazing view of the city afterwards.

6. Sydney Opera House

Also known as one of Australia’s most notable tourist attractions, the Sydney Opera House is the place for fans of performing arts. It is packed with shows, tours and events all fit for people of all ages. It normally has 40 shows a week, so check what show is in store for you.

7. North Stradbroke Island

For students who love an underwater adventure, visit the world’s second largest island located in the state of Queensland. Those who want to try wildlife watching, surfing and whale watching can have their turn while visiting the island.

8. Rottnest Island

Wonder no more where the adorable Australian native tiny wallaby also known as the quokka can be spotted. You can find them in Rottnest Island located offshore Perth. These cute little creatures are photogenic, and you can take a selfie with them as well!

9. New Farm Park

When you need a place to sit down, have good food and enjoy nature, leave your student rooms and experience the outdoors. New Farm Park located in Brisbane is where you can play games, watch boats pass along the river, and have a good picnic.

10. Lake Burley Griffin

An amazing place to go fishing, sailing, rowing or kayaking especially when the sun sets, Lake Burley Griffin located in Canberra is a gorgeous tourist attraction home to parks, garden and restaurants that makes it a relaxing experience for everyone.

Don’t just hole yourself up in your student residence; experience what Australia has to offer to you as an exchange student with any of the options listed above. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money as there are plenty of weekend activities suitable for your budget. All you need is to gather up the courage to give them a try.