When you think of a world map you’re probably brought back to your elementary years. Your school teacher probably asked you to memorize the different countries. Some might even ask you to draw the map border by border! As you grow up though, you learn to appreciate the different nations. Traveling helps too.

Maps aren’t what they used to be too. They get more accurate and clearer over time. Heck, even Google has one where you can zoom in to the street you live in! However, if you really want a beautiful map that you can use to decorate and spruce up any room, why not try a scratch map? Just hang on to to get the world’s most unique map.

Adding a Touch of Travel to your Room

If you’re like most people, you probably love to travel. You love exploring beaches, mountains, and bustling cities. A scratch map is a great way to display this passion. If you’re not too familiar, a scratch map looks like a regular map but it’s actually covered by a thin film of foil. The foil is there for you to scratch off. If you’ve been to a certain country, you scratch it off from the map. Simple, right? It’s probably the world’s most unique map of the world, you don’t see scratch maps often.

Having a scratch map at home is not only for your friends but for you too. We often get sucked in to the stresses of daily life. It’s easy to forget what we’re truly passionate about. Displaying a scratch map in your room or home is a great reminder that there are still so many places you can discover. Plus, it can make as a fine addition to any home.

A Handy Size for Anyone

If you’re thinking you need large walls to display such an object, then you better think twice. The scratch map actually comes in very portable dimensions. The item is only 42 x 29.7cm so most likely it can even fit the tiniest of spaces. The friendly size is beaten only by it’s even friendlier price tag. This interactive poster is only £16.95 and comes in a striking black and gold color. When you purchase a scratch map it’ll come with a poster carrier as well. So, whenever you want to carry this map around (hopefully to show off to your friends) it’ll be secure in this special compartment.

Something to take note off is its material. The scratch map is made with a supremely rich looking paper with a matte paper. It doesn’t have the glossy shine other scratch maps might have. Now, just because it’s made with quality doesn’t mean it can withstand heavy scratching. Instead of using a coin or a metal object to remove the foil, try using an eraser or even your fingers. Once you remove the foil, you’ll see how the gold covering gives way to countries painted with eye-catching bursts of colors. It’ll almost make you want to travel more just so you can scratch off more nations!