Singapore Holds the World’s most Powerful Passport

International travels require a person to possess a passport – a formal travel document granted by a government to its citizens. Furthermore, travelers need to identify if the states they are visiting allow direct entrance to holders of such passport as they have. Some countries require visitors from certain nations to apply for a visa to gain entry into them, either before the trip or once they arrive at the points of entry, like the airports or the border stations.  For assistance on getting travel documents to Singapore such as a visa, or for some crucial information, visit important source

What makes a passport powerful?

Not all passports have the same status; some are more superior to others. The Passport Index assigns positions to each passport, ranking in prestige and power. This is a tool developed by one of the biggest advisory companies in global residence and citizenship. The more countries a passport can secure access for its holders, either without a visa or by obtaining a visa at the point of entry to the country, the higher its rank and the more powerful it is.

Why is Singaporean passport currently the most powerful?

Currently, as per the Passport Index, Singapore holds the pride and respect of topping the list of the passport with the greatest strength. This is as a result of a recent Paraguay’s decision to make it not necessary to obtain a visa to gain entry for the passport bearers of this city-state in Asia. That decision left Singaporean passport with a Passport Index score of 159. Very simply, this means that the holders of the passport have the freedom to visit 159 countries, either without a visa or by applying for a visa once they get to those countries. Previously, Singapore held the top position jointly with Germany, which now has a rating of 158.

What factors have led to the Singaporean passport being the most powerful?

Singapore has broken the record as the first Asian country with a passport that is ranked at the very top in strength. The passport strength of Singapore consistently risen since it attained its independence in 1965. A myriad of factors has contributed to this, including a smart and progressive foreign policy, outstanding international relations, and perceiving globalization as a prospect for great success. Also, Singapore acts alone in deciding which countries to allow visa-free entry, unlike other countries that work as a bloc, for instance, the European Schengen member countries.

What is the future of the strength of the Singaporean Passport?

The strength of Singaporean passport and those of other small friendly nations that have good relations internationally are expected to grow.

Can somebody obtain a passport to a country they don’t live in?

Free global movement without visa restrictions has become desirable for most people. Advisory companies in worldwide residence and citizenship come in to assist persons who are wealthy to take up citizen-by-investment programs, popularly called CIPs. This entails participating in an economy of a country as an investor. It makes it possible to get those passports that are more powerful.