Reasons Not to Have a Winter Wedding

Wedding is a big event of our lives. There are many things we have to keep in mind while deciding wedding and its arrangements. Season in which you are planning your wedding is also a vital part. Different people have different arguments and seasons. Normally winter is considered as a wedding season all over the world. People await the whole year to organize wedding in this season. There are several reasons to arrange wedding in winter but most important are the weather conditions and winter vacations. On the other hand some people consider the cold weather during the wintertime months is usually a big deterrent for those soon to be wed.  This is why we see a big increase in weddings in the spring summer and fall.

This concept may vary due to climatic conditions of different regions of the world. In western areas life may sometime stuck due to heavy snow falls and other cold storms. While in the eastern side summer is very hot and people prefer to be wed in winter. Transportation may become a big challenge due to worst weather conditions. Best limo rentals in Toronto always available at just one call to make your event so special.

Below we will identify the three biggest reasons not to get married during the winter.

 Snow:  This is the obvious one.  The only thing worse than rain on your wedding day is snow.  Forget taking pictures outside in most locations and make sure you hike those dresses up or they will get ruined. Heavy snow also block the roads and highways.

Travelling may be restricted:  Traveling for you, your bridal party, and your guests becomes very challenging.  Even if you avoid a snowstorm the roads can still be icy and when time is of the essence the last thing you want to deal with is inclement weather or less than ideal travel conditions.  For you’re out of town guests storms can cause serious problems if flights get delayed re-routed or all together cancelled, it is next to impossible to re-schedule your wedding.

Vendors:  Most wedding vendors are used to operating in warm weather.  During the colder months their services may not be what they should be.   Transportation companies, photography, hair stylists, flowers and more are all affected by the colder weather.  Make sure whatever company you contract for your wintertime wedding is prepared to handle the snow and ice.