Experiencing the Extravaganza of First Class Flying

First class, as the names suggests is synonymous with two adjectives. Pricey and fancy. Some even refer to it as the unaffordable class, but there is no reason why you should feel that way. Anyone who has been traveling for a while knows that the tricks and tips to finding cheap economy, business and first class fares are endless. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about first class and how to afford it!

Notable Features

First class varies airline to airline but some basic features are common. Airlines are now constantly competing as to who becomes fancier than the other. This competition has made air carriers go overboard with some actually offering apartment styled areas and some making their cabins almost room-like. The fight to be more extravagant than the other has fostered incredible results.

  • Seating

Mostly seating in first class is in the form of a spacious, private cabin. The seats are not only extremely comfortable and wide but also convertible into a flat bed when the need arises.

  • Access to Mini Bar

The fancy mini bar for first class passengers guarantees exclusive wines and drinks whenever required during the flight.

  • Privacy

The first class cabins offer complete privacy which most travelers really appreciate. You can sleep and relax without worrying that someone might be looking at you.

  • Dining Experience

The dining experience on first class is on a whole new level of fancy. From midnight snacks to three course meals, you are treated like royalty throughout the flight.

  • Spa Facility

Flying can be super stressful and fatiguing at times. Most first class zones include a spa facility for endless pampering.

  • Priority Check-in and clearance

The airport process is pretty much a breeze if you are a first class passenger.

Affording the First Class

Those on a tight budget tend to opt for economy class for obvious reasons. But at the same time, they long to experience the luxuries of first class. For such travelers, we have compiled some tips to make this class a bit more affordable.

  1. Last Minute Upgrades

As risky as it sounds, you have nothing to lose in a last minute upgrade. Buying last minute first class tickets online has proven to be fruitful in many cases as well. Try your luck! You never know when the airline might decide to reduce the first class fare dramatically. 

  1. Low Season Flying

First Class fares drop during the off season. And for a lot of travelers, this is the only time the fares come within the affordable range.  

  1. Join a frequent flyer program

Being a member of any frequent flyer program means you have access to airline miles. Airline miles help reduce the fares significantly, depending on the number of miles you have gathered over the years. Using these miles to fund an upgrade to first class is widely popular and considered more economical than direct purchasing. But you do need a considerable amount of miles in your account if you want to pursue this option.