Best Places to Visit in Europe

Europe, the charming continent replete with history, cultural and beauty. It is a spectacular fusion of modern and medieval, of tall skyscrapers and old churches, state of the art highways and small streets centuries old. No wonder it is right at the top of every traveler’s wish list, and if it’s not, something might be wrong with that list. However a drawback (if it can be called that) of visiting Europe is the sheer amount of places you can visit and stuff you can engage in, this leads to time management problems and you cannot possibly explore all that it has to offer – unless you spend several years living there. So for first time visitors or who are looking to visit the main attractions, we have compiled a hand list of the best places (this is relative) you can visit, if you are short of time. Remember you can buy  miles accounts to inject (often) needed miles and get the ticket to Europe that way.


Roma is an absolute must – the epicenter of one of the greatest civilizations of men, it is riddled with history and monuments to the great ancient world such as The Colosseum, St. Peter’s Bascilica, and the Trevi Fountain. Roam the picturesque alley ways as the mouthwatering smell of fresh Italian food wafts through the air. Indulge in authentic Italian pizza when you get hungry, and lose yourself in the enigmatic magic of Rome. You should spend at least a few days exploring the capital of Italy.


This beautiful city on the Portuguese coast is often glossed over by travelers. It shouldn’t be; it has everything that makes a trip worth remembering. If you love wine, this is the city for you, go on one of numerous vineyard tours and indulge in the fantastic wine – it is ranked as the number 1 ‘best wine locations’ by US News Travel. Visit the famous Dom Luis Bridge, the Porto Cathedral, Crystal Palace Gardens and much more as you roam the quaint alleyways and streets.


Ah, London, the capital of England (and the UK). For centuries it has been an important city and today is no different. A mix of culture and people, it certainly has a lot to offer to any traveler, from the local pubs, to the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and a trove of museums. You can spend hours just wandering the city taking in the sights and smells.


Dubbed as the city of love, it’s hard to argue with that nickname. Paris is everything you imagine it to be, amazing attractions coupled with sumptuous cuisine. It is also a shopper’s paradise. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Catacombs are some of the attractions on offer.


If you want a fairy tale picture of Europe, Prague is the place to be. Its gothic architecture impresses all those who visit, and the history lives within its enchanting streets. It dates back to 870 A.D. and it’ll sure dazzle you with its affordability compared to other European hotspots.

These are only a few of the cities that Europe has to offer. You can buy miles accounts which can help fund your tour to this fairytale continent.