Basic Information About Spain

If you are looking to buy in Spain in the near future, you will want to know a bit about the country. Spain is a Western European country located between Andorra, France and Portugal. Spain has had a tremendous influence on the arts, history, culture, religion and languages of the world. Visitors come from around the globe to lie on pleasant sand beaches, admire medieval cathedrals and enjoy world-class cuisine.



Much of Spain has a gentle climate. Winters are mild. Spring is pleasant with little humidity. Summer tends to be hot, with temperatures in the mid-80s not uncommon, but it’s dry with little rainfall. Fall is also quite mild. The interior has a more extreme climate than the coasts. The interior can also be quite arid. The southern coast has weather that resembles Los Angeles and San Diego, with pleasant summers.



Spain is smaller than France and slightly larger than the state of California. Spanish territory also includes the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands as well as Ceuta and Melilla, two tiny enclaves on the African mainland.



Spain has been inhabited for more than 1 million years. The Celts, Romans and Iberians all made their home here. Part of Spain was under Islamic rule for more than 500 years. Catholic rulers took over the region in the mid-1400s after a series of wars called the Reconquista. During this period Spanish explorers ventured through much of the New World, establishing colonies in both North and South America. Spanish rulers became involved in further religious wars, which gradually depleted the Spanish treasury and led to the country’s decline as a world power. Civil war tore the country apart in the 1930s; it was governed by Gen. Francisco Franco from 1936 to his death in 1975. Today the country is a democracy headed by a royal figurehead and is part of the European Union.



Spain is a primarily a Roman Catholic country. The majority of people identify as Catholics. Catholic holidays such as Easter and Christmas are widely celebrated in most areas. An influx of immigrants from Central America has led to revival of the Catholic faith in the nation.


Major Cities and Attractions

  1. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia evoke different moods, but all are Spain at its most urban.
  2. Madrid is one of the world’s historic capitals. Visitors can see the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Prado Art Museum and the nearly 400-year-old Buen Retiro Park.
  3. Barcelona, located in the eastern coastal region of Spain, is noted for having many buildings designed by famed architect Antonio Gaudi.
  4. Valencia is a 2,000-year-old city filled with varied styles of architecture and a widely admired Museum of Fine Arts.
  5. Seville is noted for a widely admired art museum and stunning 15th-century cathedral.