5 Reasons To Book All-Inclusive For Your Next Caribbean Break

When you’re sat at home during the grey, rainy, winter months, it’s easy for your mind to wander to your next summer holiday, where you’ll be sunning yourself under a warm sun and taking a dip in the clear, azure seas.

And, what could be further from your current reality than an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean?

With lots to see and do, fantastic weather and even better culture, the Caribbean is an ideal destination for your next vacation and an all-inclusive break really allows you to live how the other half lives.

With that in mind, we’ve found five reasons to go all-inclusive for your next holiday to the Caribbean.


Although all-inclusive holidays have previously had a bit of a bad rep, they have been gaining in popularity in recent years, and this is partly down to the ease of booking a package holiday.

Going all-inclusive takes all of the stress out of holiday planning with everything organised for you, from flights to accommodation and food to activities once you arrive. Your holiday agent will take care of everything, down to every last detail, allowing you to enjoy the run up to your holiday without any stress.

Plus, with everything on hand once you arrive, you can begin your holiday seamlessly.

Value for money

Contrary to popular belief, a package holiday can actually work out cheaper than organising everything separately on your own.

The all-inclusive market has been growing at a rapid pace, meaning holiday providers are having to offer even better deals to stay ahead of their competitors. This results in lower prices for consumers, and even more bang for your buck!

Plus, with everything paid for in advance, you only need to take a little spending money for additional extras, meaning you’re not having to worry about all those pennies adding up!


One of the main draws of going all-inclusive is the range of onsite activities offered by most package resorts.

For example, in the popular Caribbean resorts of Beach House and Blue Haven, you’ll find onsite spas, water sports, kids clubs, activity reps and more, so you’ll have more than enough to keep you and the little ones entertained!

For most DIY holidays, these activities will come at an additional cost, if they can be found onsite at all.

Peace of mind

Another important aspect to all-inclusive holidays is the peace of mind they afford you with, compared to DIY packages.

With everything booked under one name, with one agent, and in one bulk booking, if anything goes wrong, it’s much easier to amend.

Rather than having to ring various providers and work out all the details that need changing, you can instead ring your agent who will sort it out for you, reducing any stress should any unforeseen circumstances arise.

Plus, all-inclusive packages are usually ATOL protected, meaning you can have full confidence in your booking which is always provided with DIY packages.

Meet new people

Finally, all-inclusive resorts allow you to meet like-minded people on your trip.

Many resorts cater to a particular demographic, whether it’s a couples’ retreat, an adults-only space, or an over-50s paradise, so you can spend time with people who share your interests!