2 Essential Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

When people have the possibility to afford traveling they can also make rash decisions. If you are a fan of driving a motorcycle, then the road trip is something that you must do once in the lifetime. The most affordable way of traveling is by motorcycle. Of course, there are certain risks and you have to be a careful driver with the possibility to manage the great distance, but in the same time it is relaxing and possibility in a lifetime.

There are different ways of motorcycle road trips. You can go with fellow bikers and take part in one of the most popular counter-culture in the world. The other solution is to embark on a solo road trip, which means that you are serious and driver with many years of experience.

We decided to present you essential tips for your first motorcycle road trip:

  1. The road is longer than you think

When you plan the trip next to a map you cannot really determine the road distance. Even if you use the latest tools that are available for bikers, you will still get a different experience. Sometimes you can even think that you are going to pass it without a problem, but you find out that the road is twice as long as you have planned in the first place. In the same time, when you plan the seven-hour drive sounds like a piece of cake, but any experienced biker knows that it is difficult to maintain this pace without losing concentration and strength.

Everything is based on the fact that you are already accustomed in riding more than a few hours. In case that you don’t have that kind of experience, don’t jump right into a road trip. It’s important to take some practice before you engage into the serious ride. That is the difference between experienced and amateur rider.

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  1. Windshields are essential

When you are driving mostly in the city, then you don’t need windshields. However, in case that you embark on a long ride, it is essential to have them. Of course, people prefer the look that is as naked as possible, but when you enter the highway, you have to be aware of your position.

Even though, feel of the wind is the best part of riding the bike, after three hours of going 80 miles per hour it gets really exhausting. After five or six hours, it gets even worse. Then you have to slow down in order to rest your arms. That could easily interfere with your riding satisfaction. In the same time, try to get windshields for highway rides because you will save yourself from exhaustion.


Riding a motorcycle is a great way to meet the life around you with someone or alone. It doesn’t matter what is your choice because the idea of driving motorcycle abroad for long distances is the best thing that could happen in your biker life. But you have to be prepared.