10 Out of This World Gifts for Travelers with Young Kids

Traveling with young kids can give both parents and little ones memories that will last a lifetime. In order to make the trip the most enjoyable, it’s necessary to pack the right items. You can help your loved ones have a memorable vacation by giving them one of these 10 out of this world gifts for travelers with young kids.

Packing Cubes

For those wanting to give a gift that will be very helpful to those that are traveling with children, packing cubes will prove to be very beneficial. These cubes allow the user to pack items in the cube and then easily store them in their luggage. They are great for those with kids as parents can easily find what they are looking for without having to pull everything out of their luggage.

Backpack Diaper Bags

When you are traveling with kids you need to have all of the essentials at arm’s reach. One of the best ways to do this is with backpack diaper bags. By giving one of them as a gift you can give the recipient a diaper bag that they can easily wear on their back which will allow them to free up their hands to hold a baby or open snacks for a little one.


Many parents utilize electronics to keep their little ones occupied while traveling. Child friendly headphones make for a great gift as the parent can plug in the headphones to the device and children can watch a show or play a game without disturbing others with the sound from the device.

Kid-Sized Carry-on Bag

Even young kids can carry items while traveling. A kid sized carry-on bag is lightweight and small enough for young children to carry.

Travel Games

To keep a child occupied while traveling, a travel game may do just the trick. There are a variety of these games that you can give as gifts. Just make sure that they are age appropriate and actually made for use during traveling.

Travel Books

If you know where the recipient plans on going for their next vacation, why not give a few travel books that are geared towards kids? Both parent and child will be able to read the books and discuss their upcoming vacation.

Flight Approved Utensils

One of the things that many parents forget to pack when they are traveling are kid friendly utensils. You can easily solve this problem by giving them flight approved utensils. They are small enough to put them in a carryon bag and come with a carrying case for storage.

Travel Pillow

Some families travel for long distances and it can be uncomfortable. You can make this a little easier for little ones by giving them a travel pillow. They can use it for sleeping or just to support their neck and head when sitting for extended periods of time.


If you are looking to give a more pricey gift, a tablet is an excellent option for those traveling with young kids. They can download apps for children to play games or they can watch movies on it when they are experiencing a flight delay.

Activity Kit

You can easily keep little ones busy while traveling by packing an activity kit. Include things like crayons, coloring books and stickers.