Chartering a yacht in the French Riviera during your trip

During summer, it is tempting to go visit the south side of France for a trip. Cruising through the French Riviera with a yacht, driving a Porsche while listening to the latest hit songs are, by far, the best ways to enjoy your vacation. Therefore, the remaining questions are where and how to charter a boat, and rent a car in Cannes on the south French coast?

Some tips to charter a yacht

First of all, it is important to define the purpose of chartering a yacht. Whether it’s for a party or just for fishing, people ought to know what kind of ride they are looking for. As a matter of fact, if it is to host a feast, it is better to have some space, a couch, even a swimming pool for the guest’s comfort. There are numerous companies and travel operators that rent luxurious and large boat. On the other hand, fishing requires a more efficient yacht. In that case, travel tour’s agent can help you find the best fishing point. Second of all, it is best to choose the amount of time you are going to ride. Some agencies rent the yachts based on the number of days or the journey. However, some companies can let you charter the boat for half day, sometimes less. Depending on your activities, the ride can be yours for a whole day. Finally, you have to decide on who is going to drive the boat. Most corporation rent their yacht with a driver, but you can choose to take the wheels as long as you have a license.

Rent a ride in Cannes

To fulfill your luxurious dream, being able to drive through the beautiful streets of Saint-Tropez is a must. Cannes is famous for its festival, so it is possible to meet some celebrities during your stroll or on the beach. Therefore, why not try to blend in with a nice car? The city offers a variety of rental agencies that can provide a beautiful ride according to your taste and your activities. You can even rent a Porsche in Cannes for an affordable price with or without a driver. It will be more comfortable to drive through the city, and it will also be quite efficient for any shopping you might have to do. It is possible to get some recommendations from any travel tour guide or agent. They might even give you a specific route, in order to visit downtown and try the French cuisine in their fancy restaurants. If you prefer to visit Saint-Tropez, the agents can also point you towards the best spot in town to take pictures.

In short, it is possible to enjoy your vacation in Saint-Tropez thanks to the numerous travel agencies that provide rental service. Your trip can then become the most luxurious time of your life with the yacht and a Porsche at your disposal. Why wait when you can have a taste of summer in the French Riviera?