What Should Be in the Trunk When You Travel by Car?

Surely, every motorist and traveler can say without hesitation what three things should be constantly in the trunk of the car. These three things are the following: a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and a spare tire. But in reality this list should be longer. Expert drivers who have more than 10 years of experience are able to name a dozen other things that should be in the trunk of chevrolet Camaro, Volkswagen Jetta, Jensen S-V8, Lexus SC or any other car model.
Every car owner must have a first aid kit in his car, and it must contain all the necessary tools and preparations for the first aid. In the first aid kit, you should definitely have bundles, napkins, adhesive plasters, sterile gloves, bandages, in general, all those items that can stop bleeding.

Any trouble can happen during the trip. The most common is the puncture of the wheel, which can damage it. In this case, a spare wheel is a necessity. You can say that a spare wheel is an indispensable object, especially during a long journey. In addition, in the trunk there must be a cylinder key and a jack. You will also need wheel chocks to replace the wheel. They fix the vehicle in order to avoid involuntary movement.
An emergency stop sign and a fire extinguisher are “must have” items in every car. The traffic police officers have the right to check the presence of these two most important security items. If they are absent, an administrative fine is issued. If you do not have a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign, then you will not be able to pass a technical inspection.

Using a manometer, you can check the tire pressure gauge. With a systematic check of pressure, you can significantly increase the duration of operation of tires and save your money. A car pump performs quite an important role. Nowadays there are a huge number of types of pumps, so everyone can find the right one for his car. Naturally, to carry all these items with you, you need a car with a huge trunk. Experienced car owners recommend carrying a tow rope in your car. Sometimes it happens that a car can get into a road trap, and you can get out your vehicle of it with a cable. It is important that the tow rope should be strong.

Those car owners who often travel on country roads in winter are recommended to have a soldering lamp, which in case of a breakdown of the vehicle can save from the cold for some time and wait for assistance to arrive.

There are a lot of different things that can help during your trip. You can browse Kijiji and find bmw 5 including all necessary items such as a flashlight, a map of local roads, a fuel canister, etc. The final list is made by the driver himself, guided by his own experience.