Vive la France

Few countries hold as much tourism power as France. When you think of where you want to go for a vacation – Europe and most certainly France, immediately pop into most people’s minds. And of course there is a reason for that. France has such a rich history, world famous landmarks, and delicious cuisine to go along with that. It is a huge country filled with breathtaking cities, medieval villages and quaint country-side roads. And Paris is perhaps the most romanticized city in the world. If you could visit one country and your choice is France, then you know your priorities. Here are some of the things that you can do in France, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To save on your ticket you can buy Cheap Airline Tickets for 2017 Holidays with fareoair

The Louvre: It is the most widely visited museum in the world. And if you plan to trip to France, missing this is not an option at all costs. It houses a vast and fine collection of masterpieces and you’d be hard put to find a better place which does justice to the wonders of Renaissance art. It has around 35000 objects which date from the prehistoric period to the 21st century. It has soaked history throughout the ages and you can feel it when you walk its hallowed corridors. The art begins at the entrance, with its famous glass pyramids. And who can forget the Mona Lisa, the Louvre is home to this Da Vinci masterpiece

The Eiffel Tower: It’s needless to mention this but the list would be incomplete if this great French monument was not included. Climb to its upper levels using the stairs (rather than the elevators) and take in the fantastic views of the city it provides. Don’t forget the mandatory selfie beneath the tower. Be warned the crowds can be slightly overwhelming so it is advisable to go early.

Cathédrale de Chartes: This impressive medieval Catholic cathedral (also called Cathedral of our Lady of Chartes) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A proud tribute to the impressive style of French Gothic architecture, it has many beautiful stained-glass windows and huge spires. It even survived a massive fire in the year 1134 which devastated the rest of the town.

Chateau de Versailles: A palace straight out of a fairytale – and Louis XIV’s story was no less than that. The Palace of Versailles is a world famous landmark which is proof of the absolute power of the French Monarchy. Its picture perfect rooms, stunning lawns and royal hallways all combine together in a breathtaking manner which shows off the power of the French Kings of days past. It has a rich history behind its walls and knowing that before you visit will enhance your experience exponentially.

Other notable places besides these include The Loire Valley, Musee d’Orsay, Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims and Cathedral de Notre Dame.

France is filled to the brim with amazing stuff to do, so if you are planning a vacation the country be sure to give it proper time. To save on your ticket you can buy Cheap Airline Tickets for 2017 Holidays with fareoair.