Adventure awaits for those that have the Adventure Journal  


Travelling is always fun because you get to learn new thing and see new places that you thought you would never see again. Because of this, people are saving their money to get a month long vacation where all they have to do is just go sightseeing and doing different kinds of activities that can help them relax and forget about their work even if it’s just for a while. There are a lot of places and countries that have many things to offer which you will truly enjoy and all you got to do is find out when you’re going to have that vacation.

Every time that you travel, you would take lot of pictures to use as documentation. Pictures are a good way to remind you that you had a very fun time at a specific country or place. But it’s also important that you have something to guide you on what you can do in that specific place and other kinds of activities too. it’s a good thing that Luckies offer an Adventure journal which is a really good travel companion for those willing to experience all kinds of good stuff that you would really want to see for yourself.

New adventures on new countries

The Adventure Journal has 68 pages where you can see the hundreds of different adventures and experiences that you should try out. If you’re a hug thrill-seeker, this one’s for you. You will never get bored because every day is another fun day where you get to either go on a boat ride in Australia, go sightseeing in Rome, or walk with other tourists in the Great Wall of China. No day is boring and you will be able to make sure that your vacation is well-spent. This is a real guide in a form of a journal.

Scratch off from the bucket list

The Adventure Journal has 8 continent maps which you can scratch off if you have visited that specific place. It is a very big help when you want to keep track of the places that you went to and the activities that you have done already. It’s cool because you have something to just update after your travels and to help you remember the many places you’ve seen and have been to which could help inspire you again to go on a vacation again and again. It’s a really good motivation that will get you all worked up.

Is it really worth the money?

For only £18.95, you will already experience being an explorer even if you haven’t even started yet! There are for categories which are nature, activity, cuisine, and culture which will help you navigate what you want to experience and do on a specific day. Like when you want to go on a nature trail hike somewhere in Hawaii today and then grab some dinner in the heart of Hawaii later. Things like these can help you keep up and do as many possible activities as you can without feeling any pressure.

The Adventure Journal is a very useful thing that helps a lot when it comes to travelling and everything that is connected to exploring. You surely won’t have a boring vacation when you have this around.